Agile Testing

A recent study reports that 70% of organizations have implemented the agile methodology. The number of respondents without a specific approach to agile testing has fallen dramatically from 31% in 2016 to 5% in 2017, and agile testing is reaching greater maturity and development teams are more aware of the implications for testing. – World Quality Report-2017~18

In today’s dynamic environment, business enterprises are facing challenges of speed, quality and cost. The challenges pertain to technology upgrades, volatility in the business environment and addressing ever changing customers’ expectations. To counter these challenges, enterprises adopt ‘Agile’ software development processes.

The scale of the changes that are occurring gives a compelling reason for organizations worldwide to embrace agile with an aim to enhance application quality while simultaneously reducing cycle times.

For successful agile adoption, change has to take place across multiple dimensions including people, processes, approaches, technology, tools and infrastructure. Aréte offers to reduce overall operating costs and enable newer product and features rollout at a rapid pace. Aréte helps organizations use Agile in transformation of business application and realize the value of faster time-to-market.

Agile Testing involves a cross-functional Agile team actively relying on the special expertise contributed by Testers. This allows the combined team to better meet the project’s defined business, software usability, quality, and timeline objectives. Testing and coding are done incrementally and iteratively, building up each feature until it provides enough value to release to production.


  • Acceptance Test Driven Development - ATDD
  • Behaviour Driven Development - BDD
  • Extreme Programming - XP
  • Kanban
  • Lean Software Development - LSD
  • Scrum
  • Test Driven Development - TDD


  • Continuous Integration & automation using matured Aréte framework to seamlessly integrate
  • Lean Governance – Implementation of quality gates, sprint retrospection & reviews; metrics & measures enable thorough alignment with Agile development process
  • Reduction in automation cost by using our unique automation framework
  • Reduction in defect rate by Testing EARLY and Testing OFTEN using our Agile Framework
  • Reduction in Test Design effort by using our proven Requirement and Specification Model
  • Synergy between business, development, and QA
  • Cost reduction of up to 40%
  • Increase in productivity by 35%
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