Automation Testing

There is a notable increase in the proportion of organizations benefitting from test automation. Up to 60% of respondents reported that test automation improves their ability to detect defects. This is because automation allows organizations to increase test coverage within the same timeframes. At the same time, 57% of respondents see an increase in the reuse of test cases through applying automation and 54% see a reduction of test cycle-time from automation - World Quality Report-17~18

In the present era of ever changing market demands, the need for speed and precision has become vital and organizations are adopting various techniques and process, i.e., Agile, Lean and DevOps, etc. This adoption is to improve the delivery and the value of application solutions to the end consumer while reducing the friction between IT and business. Automation is essential in the present complex IT world of disparate application architecture, numerous environments, third-party integrations and multiple user devices. Aréte helps organizations to increase release velocity, reduce time to market and reduce overall testing effort resulting in a significant return on investment (ROI). Aréte helps generate and deliver the value, using the vast experience of consulting and transforming client needs on test automation and architecting.

In the current era of digital transformation where Mobile, IoT, Cloud, Big Data concepts are playing a significant role, a mere automation of test execution will not suffice. The challenge is to design end-to-end test automation solutions efficiently by integrating methodologies, frameworks, accelerators, technologies and virtualization tools. Aréte has developed an extensible automation framework, which integrates function libraries, test data, object details and various reusable modules. It instils industry best practices and features and can drastically reduce the effort to kick-start automation.

Test Automation Services

  • Customised solution using in-house (based on open source) and licensed tools and frameworks
  • Model Based Testing approach
  • Integrated Automation Framework
  • Design and implement an automated testing strategy and have operational plan for BAU (Business As Usual)
  • API Testing
  • Key word driven
  • Scriptless


  • Ability to integrate into development pipeline with CI tools
  • Up to 60% reduction in cycle time and improved test execution productivity leading to an overall 20% reduction in time to market
  • Over 20% reduction in maintenance costs due to reusability of the framework across multiple applications
  • Over 40% reduction in test design time using pre-automated test scripts
  • Single framework with capability to automate Web, Mobile applications and APIs
  • Supports Open source and Commercially available tools
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