Business Intelligence

Aréte Consulting’s analytics practise is focussed on delivering technology solutions to enable growth, increased customer experience, better regulatory and risk management and competitive advantage. Technologies are evolving in this space and we are always keeping our training very current and hiring key talent to ensure that we can deliver high quality technical solutions.

The industry is truly shifting in leveraging data for greater insight. Business Intelligence applications support many operational and analytics business teams to achieve operational efficiency, cut costs, improve profitability, achieve compliance with key regulations and effective risk management. Aréte Consulting’s Business Intelligence capabilities are as follows:

  • Develop a playbook for architecture and implementation of Business Intelligence applications
  • Develop Reporting and Dashboard applications
  • Develop Self-Service capability
  • Outline strategy for legacy modernization of reporting applications

Our practitioners are working with our clients to migrate legacy reporting applications to industry leading Business Intelligence technology. We are helping our clients mature in their capability to gain insights from data using sophisticated what if scenario analysis, etc.

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