Data Warehouse & Integration

There’s a need in the industry to effectively manage key components of the information lifecycle-sourcing and acquisition, transformation, storage and delivery data. Aréte Consulting Services’ Data Warehousing & Integration sub-practice focuses on lowering cost of managing the information lifecycle by leveraging newer technology capabilities for our clients. Our practitioners build scalable solutions for our clients that accelerate analytical performance and increase capacity for data scientists and analysts.

As the industry matures, firms must manage increasing amounts of data (structured internal data, market data, unstructured internal & external data) with needs to be ingested, modeled, integrated and delivered to key internal and external consumers.

Aréte Consulting’s practitioners possess technical capabilities in industry leading platforms and tools to perform the following activities:

  • Source data effectively from internal golden sources and ingesting the data into the data lakes or staging areas
  • Build business process, conceptual, logical and physical models to ensure consistency of data across business processes and technical applications
  • Transform and integrate the golden source data into Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Operational Data Stores
  • Create a strategy for integrating unstructured data and use
  • Build sandboxes to support analytics and other data science capabilities
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