Mobile Testing

The mobile application testing (MAT) services market size is expected to reach $2.74 billion by 2021, growing at more than 18 percent CAG - Technavio

Enterprises are rapidly adopting solutions and services on social, mobile, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things and Smart Devices to enhance their core business functions. This has tremendously increased the demand for mobile applications. Mobile application testing services helps organisations to perform better and run software applications efficiently. Aréte Mobile Assurance solutions transcend functional validation of Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud stack (SMAC) and encompass adoption, network capability, performance, and security aspects.

Aréte mobile application testing solutions addresses the various evolving requirements of technology advancement, speed and delivery challenges. Aréte offers a wide range of mobile application testing services for various operating systems & platforms. Using our powerful testing frameworks & efficient strategies, we deliver unmatchable user experience & cater to our client’s various business needs. Our solutions encompass testing of native, hybrid and web based applications on iOS & Android. Our testing solutions involve testing applications on real devices using various quality tools, emulators & simulators.


  • Mobile assessment & advisory services
  • Mobile web testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • Mobile penetration & security testing
  • Mobile app functional & performance testing
  • Localization testing for mobile applications
  • Accessibility testing of mobile apps
  • Cloud based mobile app testing
  • Mobile test automation


  • Guaranteed quality, performance & functionality.
  • Increased coverage.
  • Offers repeatability, which eliminates risks.
  • Automated browser compatibility testing reduced the cycle time by 40%.
  • Reduced critical transaction time by 67%.
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