Predictive Analytics

Organizations must be effective at Predictive analytics to gain competitive advantage, improve customer experience and perform effective risk management. Data scientists need clean data, analytics platform, tools, and subject matter expertise to perform advanced analytics, mobile and text analytics. Aréte Consulting practitioners possess technical capability in building the analytics platforms and sandboxes to enable creation of effective predictive models for our clients. Aréte Consulting is recruiting great talent and training for our practitioners in industry-leading frameworks and technology.

Organizations are leveraging predictive modeling and various analytics techniques to do manage risk effectively, achieve better customer interactions and in-turn experience and reduce overall costs by leveraging machine learning. Our practitioners are leveraging industry leading tools to apply analytical techniques for data mining and predictive modeling.

Aréte Consulting has the following capabilities

  • Playbook for Architecture and Implementation
  • Playbook for model Validation and Governance
  • Model development and testing
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